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The “Little Poland in Nepal” Foundation was established in the summer of 2015 in order to help the victims of the catastrophic earthquake that occurred in April and May of that year. Hundreds of thousands of people lost their homes and possessions, and almost 10,000 perished because of that calamitous earthquake in 2015. Many institutions, organizations, and people from abroad, as well as the Nepalese, committed themselves to helping the victims.
Sujan Pandey and Magdalena Pietruszka-Pandey, owners of Exploring Nepal Treks & Adventures, came up with the idea of building a Little Poland in Nepal as they were helping the inhabitants of villages near Kathmandu. 
“Little Poland in Nepal” Foundation started with the Dumre village in the Nuwakot district, of the Sunkhani region – about 29 km from Kathmandu. The village was completely destroyed, and thus over a dozen houses and one school needed to be rebuilt from scratch. First we have rebuild the drinking water tank in the village, the primary school, and the Community Hall (called Polish House) – al of these thank to the help of Polish citizens. We would also like promote visiting Nepal among turists and to allow them to spend a few days in our projects sites. The Nepalese still need to rebuild their households, schools, and roads since they can mostly count on the help of NGOs. Tourists from all over the world travel to Nepal not only for seeing majestic Himalayas but also to meet its wonderful people and their rich culture. So it is worth it to help Nepal via this project in the long term.
But “Little Poland in Nepal” is not only few places on a map, it is much more. It is a symbol of a long-term commitment to help the suffering people in Nepal. It is an idea of supporting and sharing with the Nepalese – a nation stricken by calamities, but one that is still full of wonderful, proud, friendly, and open people. And we have more plans for the future: there is a destroyed school in Bhadrutar in the Nuwakot district with 60 students who are currently studying in a temporary shelter. We are actively looking for a sponsor for this new project to rebuild the destroyed school now. Thus, the aim of the “Little Poland in Nepal” Foundation is not only financing the rebuilding of schools, but also providing help to the Nepalese in a variety of ways: financing the education of their children, treating the ill, supporting the poor, helping women find jobs, etc. Nepal will still need aid for a long time. The Nepalese are a truly great people, as even without such calamities they endure the troubles of everyday life and never give up: always with a smile, always moving forward. Let us help them by bringing back their normal life without constant worries about the futures of their children. Let us share what we have, as we have much more than they do.
Give the Nepalese our hearts and long-term support. Maybe they do not ask for it, but they still need it.

Join us and help! Supporting those who are in need may be a path to your own happiness!

Let’s do it together!

How can you help

Little Poland in Nepal Foundation is a long-term Project. We hope that thanks to kind and sympathetic people, companies, organizations and institutions we can always help Nepali citizens. You can support our actions in many ways:

Join us and help! Supporting those who are in need may be the key to your happiness.
Let’s do it together!!

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Attention!!! The first voluntary recruitment for 2016 is finished. Further recruitment will be announced here and on our Facebook profile: www.facebook.com/MalaPolskaWNepalu.
A week is a minimum to stay and help building Little Poland. But you can stay longer and help more. The Camp in Dumre is made for at least 6 volunteers. It will remain open until late February/early March. You will find some important info here:
What we expect:
– volunteer will not receive money for his/her work,
– voluntary travels to Nepal at his/her own expense
– extra activities like trips, trekkings and accommodation other than project site in Nepal will be paid by volunteer,
– volunteer should have sleeping bag, protective clothes and shoes ( a tent if he/she wants a separate accommodation place),
– volunteer will have his/her own money for personal expenses,
– volunteer will prepare for the trip by himself/herself (first-aid kit, vaccines etc).
What we give:
Little Poland in Nepal Foundation commits to provide the volunteers safe and hygienic operating conditions in their work. Additionally the foundation provides:
– local transport between Kathmandu and project site,
– local meals and non-alcoholic drinks in project site,
– accommodation in tents or temporary shed (places in school building and Polish House accommodation will be available later),
– cold water supplies, toilets,
– Polish insurance PZU Wojażer with “work” option , that’s why we have to know the exact date of your arrival and leaving Little Poland
– local guardian support
…and a remarkable adventure!!!
After finishing all the works Volunteers will receive a certificate with all the necessary information (when, what was the project about and what they were doing). Please think through before making a decision because apart from nice atmosphere, cooperation, good energy and Nepali-Polish exchange volunteering in Nepal is mainly hard physical work and meeting a different culture.


 “Mala Polska w Nepalu” Foundation („Little Poland in Nepal” Foundation)

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“Little Poland in Nepal” Foundation

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