Board of the “Little Poland in Nepal” Foundation


Magdalena Pietruszka-Pandey  (President of the Board)

Psychologist, trainer, coach. She has been working on solving social and alcohol addiction problems in Poland and abroad for many years. She was co-organizing a few social campaigns, she represented Poland in European expert institutions managing social policy, including alcohol addiction. She published some brochures and many articles in trade press. She is a traveler living between Poland and Nepal, connecting two cultures in her life. She and her family survived an earthquake in Nepal and she wants to help local people.



Sujan Pandey  (Member of the Board) 

He was the father of the idea of “Little Poland in Nepal”. A humble person with a big heart. He has been a guide in the Himalayas for many years, he loves mountains and nature. He is a great travel companion but also the coordinator of the mountain treks who knows a lot about climbing.  He loves Nepali culture but also opens himself to other people. Careful and professional. His mission is “Little Poland in Nepal” and helping his fellow-brothers. He is a Brahmin who wants to make the world a better place. And he started from Nepal.



Anna Ekielska (Member of the Board)

She is art historian working in a museum and also yoga practiconer. Lives in Warsaw but her heart stays in Himalaya. Fascinated with Tibetan and Nepali culture and Buddhists Art also the heartfelt attitude of people living there. She spends all her free time in the region attempting to learn Tibetan language. After spending few months in Nepal she knows the maior problems and difficulties of everyday life in the country and grateful for kindness of the people she wants to help and cooperate to give them better chances for future and better life.



Council of  “Little Poland in Nepal” Foundation

Łukasz Zieliński – Head of the Council
Magdalena Zielińska
Katarzyna Łukowska
Iwona Grzesicka

The members of the Council visited Nepal – some of them many times. They are aware of everyday problems of the citizens. They supported Magda and Sujan even before the foundation started to exist. They are unselfish, full of ideas and kind-hearted.



Since the beginning lot’s of volunteers have supported the Foundation in its projects. Constantly we can count on few on them. Many thanks guys! All of you are big support and thank you very much for all your help!

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